Why Cloud Become So Popular

Cloud can contain a large amount of data so that any business can create new innovative ways of working. The fact is, the growth of cloud computing over the last few years is just phenomenal. The IT giants such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon have already adopted the cloud computing technology and they are already dominating the market. Seeing this, all types of companies whether they can be large, medium or small are adopting the technology and corroborating their financial growth as a company.

According to FORBES,” By 2020 a staggering 83% of the company workload will be stored on the cloud.”

There are some valuable reasons why cloud computing is gaining so much of popularity. The reasons are

Cap theorem:

  • Well Secure.
  • No maintenance cost.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Flexibility.
  • Ameliorate performance.
Let’s talk about them briefly.

1. Well Secure: If you save your important data in your any kind of device such as mobile, desktop, laptop or in tablet locally, it is a very risky matter. Because if you lost your device, you won’t access your data and there will be a strong chance that your data can be permanently deleted from your device. Cloud computing can solve this problem easily. If you lost your device or your device is attacked by virus, you can easily access your data by using other device. You don’t need to worry about this.

2. Low Maintenance cost: Cloud computing is very cost effective. Companies spend a lot of money to purchase software, of buying hardware and last but not the least maintains them properly. But cloud computing reduce all these expenses. It is like you can pay on what you are using. There is no extra charge. In addition cloud computing give software updates, security updates to maintain security issue of your system.

3. Easy to operate: You don’t need to carry laptops or USB everywhere to access cloud. You just need an active internet connection to access the cloud. Moreover cloud services also offer mobile apps, this gibes immense flexibility to the user. 4. Flexibility: If you want to update your hardware of the system you have to call for a technician. This is a very time consuming mater. But with the cloud system the updates, the installations all are operated remotely. Not only hardware users can easily customize their software with just a single click. They can easily update their software. This saves the valuable time of the user.

5. Ameliorate performance: This is the most important reason why cloud computing is gaining so much of popularity. All the applications in cloud computing system gets their update in right time and all the updates are very stable and sustainable. The updates help to improve the performance and also it ensures that the system including all the apps can run smoothly. These are the main reasons behind this huge popularity of cloud computing system.

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