Who we are

We, Neonate Technologies are a professional web development company in Kolkata established in 2021. We provide different kinds of web services like website design, website maintenance, graphic design, developing E-commerce sites, App development, SEO optimization, Digital Marketing and so on. To provide these services we follow some basic aspects. They are:

Understand the Requirement

As a web development company we always give importance to client satisfaction. We have a highly professional team who properly understand about the requirements of the client and do their work according to their needs

Always in touch with Customers

As we have said, we have a highly qualified technical team who always listen the customers. They are continuously in touch with the clients in any kind of situation. Clients get service from our team whenever they want. We are always happy to help you and provide the service as you want.

Value for money service

We know time is the most precious thing and also we respect valuable time of our customers. Our primary focus is to provide quality service in a definite span of time. We also provide value for money service that is quality over quantity.

Why US

There are different web development companies in the market. So why should you hire us? Well the simple answer is the passion and commitment that our team has is just incredible. They are always ready to give modern and professional look to your website that looks attractive to the clients.

Reasonable Price

As you know, it is a highly demandable market. Everyone is trying to grab the best experience. We are committed in that and we can assure you that we offer reasonable price to your project so that you should get the best experience.

Good relation with the clients

We have different clients from different parts of the world. To conduct a successful business we need to build good relationship with clients. We exactly do so. The clients are also satisfied from our services. So you can easily trust on us.

Qualified professional team

We have a strong professional team who are extremely qualified. They are available any time on working days of the company. They always use latest technologies so that your project remains secure and looks charming. They are more creative and professional than others.

Deploy the projects on time

Once we have received a project we start working on it without any delay. Our team follows a definite working process and they deliver the project on time without compromising the quality. We don’t put you on hold and we don’t ruin your valuable time