How to make a SEO friendly blog:

Writing blogs in any topic is not an easy task. It requires skill. One blogger should have definite knowledge about the blog or the content he is writing. It seems to be a very difficult process and also very time consuming.

In present scenario content is the king. If someone has a strong as well as well directional content it creates a value. The main goal of blog writing is to gather more traffic on the blog so that it could rank on the very first page of a search engine.

If it does not happen that means the effort is not good enough. So it is necessary for a blogger to follow the following points

  • Start the article with proper idea
  • Follow a particular structure
  • Use a suitable title
  • Use proper headings
  • Balance the length
  • Use relevant keywords
  • Avoid errors

Let’s talk elaborately

1. Start writing with proper idea:

Before someone starts writing in any topic he should prepare himself correctly. He must have the proper knowledge about the topic. Make sure about specialization, goal and utility of the topic. Above all you should understand that the blog should be able to create an impact on users mind.

2. Follow a particular structure:

It is very important to follow a particular structure on a blog post. The format of an ideal blog post should consist

  1. An introduction
  2. Main body
  3. A conclusion.
  4. 3. Use a suitable title:

    A good and high quality title is very important for blog writing. If someone adds a strong and charming title to the post it will attract the customer automatically. Before selecting the title one should keep in mind that the title should provide the description about the blog post.

    4. Use proper headings:

    Proper use of headings in a blog is very essential. It will give a structure to the whole page. It highlights the specific parts of the article. In many cases the headings or subheadings clarify the doubts of a user.

    5. Balance the Length :

    Optimization of the length of a blog is the most crucial part. Google likes the post which has proper and detailed information about the topic. So the blogger is to be properly skilled. A blog post should have minimum 300 words. But quality of the content is more important than quantity of content.

    6. Us e Proper and relevant keywords :

    Keywords are the key to get more traffic on Google. But using the proper and relevant keywords is essential. One should use the target keywords on a blog. But keywords stuffing are very unhealthy to content. Don’t use keywords repeatedly, use it when it needs.

    7. Avoid Errors :

    Before publishing the content it is necessary to check the article if there is any error. The blogger should avoid spelling mistakes or grammatical errors on a post. If there is any error remains on a post, Google will easily found them and don’t allow the blog rank on higher post.

    These are the some basic things that a blogger should keep in mind to create a high ranked blog on a search engine.

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